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as of 06/28/04 ~ 6:53 p.m.

these are people who i don't see on a regular basis. they may have faded from my life completely at some point, or they might just live far enough away that they don't get mentioned much. whatever the case may be, this page should help you make sense of some of my oldest entries. is there anyone you're looking for that seems to be missing? ask me!

you can also go visit my page of more often-mentioned friends by clicking here. if you still have questions (or you want to be added) let me know!

a guy i used to have a crush on. he's mentioned a lot in the early 2002 entries. haven't talked to him since before summer 03, and i don't know what he's up to.

tiffany's boyfriend of a few years. he's very quiet and nice. don't know him well.

diaryland friends
these are the people from diaryland that i've met in person: sammi, bobbi jo, lisa, jenn, and kiki. i hope to meet many more! do you want to meet me?

[no picture]
dated jenn (aka carly) off and on in 2000. got a restraining order against her. moved away to idaho and is rumored to be back in the sacramento area. i doubt i'll ever see him again.

my old roommate. she's the coolest chika! we had a good time living together. she's in grad school at uc santa barbara now. she dated travers the whole time i knew her in davis, but they broke up ater she moved. we lost touch for almost a year, but started emailing recently. i found out she has a new serious boyfriend named chris. i really miss her and hope we can visit soon.

janine (aka "jane" in early entries)

a friend i made through jenny. she's had her ups and downs with all of my friends, but she and i are cool. she recently graduated from culinary acadamy and moved to hawaii to be a chef.

[no picture]
greg and mike's roommate back in '00/'01. obnoxious, gross guy. i was never close to him and i doubt i'll ever see him again.

[no picture]
an old friend from livermore. he lives in davis and we never see each other anymore. we've really drifted.

one of my old best friends. i met her at old navy summer of '99. she lives in indiana now, cuz she is geting her masters at notre dame. she lived here in davis for 2 years. she dated mike for most of that time. we had our ups and downs as friends, sometimes we were absolutely joined at the hip, and sometimes we fought. she's an only child and is really hard to keep happy. i did my best though. then, in june 03, when we weren't fighting, she never returned a phone call and i haven't spoken a word to her since. i have no idea what she's up to.

jennifer g. (my pen pal)
[i have a picture somewhere]
she lives in florida. we've been writing since 4th grade. we finally met in april 02, when i was in georgia. she's been awesome for all these years. she has a 5 year old daughter and is divorced.

another best friend. she's also amy's sister. she just graduated from uc santa cruz. she's planning to live in san francisco and be a hip city girl. i miss her a lot.

adam's cousin. she graduated from uc davis with a degree in genetics. she's from san diego, and has moved back there for the time being. loves her boyfriend steven and her dog, jessie.

a cool guy friend that i've totally lost touch with. he used to live with greg and jason. then he lived with jenny (they dated for 2 1/2 years). then he lived with samantha (just roomates). last i heard, he moved to chico so he could be close to his girlfriend, grace. she's much younger than him (she wasn't even 18 when they got together) but he's quite serious about her. i had heard they planned to marry in august 04.

[no picture]
my 2nd boyfriend. we used to email from time to time, but i haven't heard from him in quite awhile. he is married and just got out of the marines. for the long story, read this.

i met her at the nature company, my first job. she lived in castro valley forever, but now she lives in santa cruz.

samantha (sam)
ted's ex, before me. she's an ok person, but can make me jealous like no other. we chat from time to time. we share a love for scrapbooking.

[no picture]
my 1st boyfriend. i don't know where he is now. i wrote about him here.

krystal's boyfriend of 4 years. he was really close with adam, and used to live with him. he's in boot camp now.

a guy with whom i had a 2 year "friends with benefits" relationship. mentioned a LOT in the entries from the start of this diary until summer 02. he lives in georgia. i live in california. hence, we don't see each other much. we chat sometimes.

krystal's old roommate and best friend. she had an almost relationship with adam which has left her with a bad taste in her mouth towards him. she and i gossiped about him a lot. she started dating brett in jan '03, that's going well. i haven't heard from her in a while.

heather's ex-boyfriend, who lived with her. he's super nice, has a degreee in chemical engineering, and is a sports nut. he's living in seattle, where he has a pretty good job. don't know if i'll ever hear from him, seeing as how he's not with heather anymore.

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