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the people i surround myself with
as of 06/28/04 ~ 7:00 p.m.

this list is designed to help you make sense of my rambles. the following people i will usually mention in this diary at least once a month, if not more. if you are looking for someone else that doesn't apear to be mentioned, proceed to my other cast page, which lists people i have either lost touch with or don't see on a regular basis.

i hope this helps your diary reading experience, but if you still have questions (or you want to be added) let me know.

she was the second person i met on friendster. she lives in santa rosa with her husband beto. they're both 23. she's a massage therapist (a a really good one at that!). she's fun to hang out with and has been really great to me. we only see each other about once a month due to her busy lifestyle. she's pregnant and due feb 04.

i met her in livermore my sophomore year. she's my longest standing close friend and i miss her. she went to uc davis, graduated with a BS in neurobiology, physiology, and behavior, and then spent a few years in livermore as a park ranger. she just moved to santa cruz to begin a teaching program so she can become a high school biology teacher. she's been inseparable from gabe, her other half, for the past 4 years.

chris's live-in girlfriend. mid 30's. she has a 13 year old daughter, kira. she's very gypsy-like, and is a massage therapist. she comes along on poker nights.


one of my best, best friends. we met at polycomp. she's 28. she's been dating robert for almost 3 years now. they live together in vacaville and work in SF. we text message all day long and see each other about twice a month.

david's friend from high school. he's undeniably attractive. he tends to travel around the world at random intervals and can be gone for many months at a time. he left for australia, new zealand, and a whole bunch of other countries in august 04.

one of my two younger brothers. lives with my mom in sacramento. he's 19. he just graduated high school, has a girlfriend of about 1 year named keara (picture on right), is in a rock band called second sesson, and likes to wakeboard, snowboard, and skateboard.

david's role playing buddy. early 30's. lives with his girlfriend, anya. he runs the sunday games david plays in. he also is always up for a good game of poker.

my boyfriend. we live together in santa rosa. he has a degree in computer science and engineering. he's an assistant manager a home warranty call center. i'm really happy when i'm with him. i'm so in love.

amy's sidekick. he doesn't talk much. he's into hiking, camping, computers, and physics. he goes to grad school in santa cruz. david has dubbed him "super gabe" due to his wild hair.

david's kooky bird. he and david have a special bond, he can pet him and hold him upside down with no problem. we're lucky jasmine hasn't eaten him yet!

my wonderful cat. isn't she cute???? i love her to death... which is why i spent $1000 to save her.

my old roomie. she rocketh my sockeths. isn't she hot? she just graduated from ucdavis with a degree in biology. and boys, she's taken.

jenn (aka "carly" in early entries)
i used to spend most of my time with her. i met her at old navy sept. '98. she lives in the sacramento area. we've had BIG ups and downs, but we're cool now. she works at sutter.

my other younger brother. he's 16. he plays football at his high school and is actually a pretty nice guy.

justin a.
a good friend from a long time back. i met him around the same time as i met amy, back in high school. he's one of those "nice guys" although he does have his "mysterious and alluring" side. he's in santa barbara, doing the grad school thing.

justin b.
my friend i met at swing dancing nights. plays the role of "guy best friend" really, really well. gives fantastic back massages. i don't see him super much since i moved, but he has come and visted me! he has a cool girlfriend named beverly.

i met her on friendster after about a month of chatting on AIM. she lives here in santa rosa and goes to the junior college. she's majoring in some sort of psychology. she has two jobs - one working in an autistic classroom and one helping out at some mental homes. through david and i, she met and became good friends with cameron. we really bonded personality wise and can just talk at each other going a mile a minute! she's a fellow friends junkie.

obviously, this is my mom. her real name is jannette. she lives in sacramento. she works for the same company that i do, but she's been there for 5 years. she is going to school at night to get her bachelors in business. she's also a tax preparer, so she works long days during tax season. she's raised my two brothers on her own. she's very religious. i get along with her pretty well unless we start talking about issues like gay marriage, abortion, or premarital sex.

brooke's boyfriend. he's 30, very very nice, and very good to her. he works for the hartford in SF.

my best friend here in santa rosa. she was also the first person i met on friendster. she graduated from chico state and got her teaching credential last winter. she started teaching 3rd grade in sonoma in august 04. she's really nice, kinda quiet, laid back, and has a great sense of humor i just love.

one of david's game-playing friends. mid 30's. he's married and has a 4 year old. he gambles for a living, and makes a pretty good one at that. his expertise is backgammon, but he also plays poker and bets on football. he likes beer and red meat.

david's best friend in santa rosa. he goes to the junior college and majors in english.

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