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100 things about me
as of 08/23/04 ~ 1:38 p.m.

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1. i never wear matching socks.

2. i feel like my need for chinese food can never be satisfied, no matter how much i eat. i love it that much.

3. i'm in love for the first time in my life.

4. i hate driving.

5. i don't like coffee.

6. i love cheesy teenybopper movies.

7. i love reading romance/erotic noviels. danielle steel is awesome.

8. i hate to sweat, which is why swimming was my sport.

9. i'm dealing with it, cuz to lose weight, i must exercise.

10. i've almost broken my nail-biting habit, except when stress rolls in. otherwise, i have beautiful nails.

11. i'm obsessed with stars - not really the ones in the sky, just the shape.

12. i don't plan on having any kids.

13. i plan on having lots of pets.

14. i would jump at the chance to be immortal.

15. my biggest fear is death. because everything keeps going... and i won't. forever is such a long time.

16. i've lived in california all my life.

17. until i was 19, i'd never been out of california. but now i've been to canada and europe.

18. yet i've still only been to 4 states other than california -- oregon, nevada, washington, and georgia.

19. i hope to visit the other 45 someday.

20. i have a pen pal in florida. it was an assignment in 4th grade, and we still write. i met her in 2002.

21. i really want a pet duck.

22. david bought me a stuffed duck to tide me over.

23. i've always wanted an identical twin.

24. my eyes are blue-gray.

25. i wish they were green but i'm afraid of contacts.

26. my hair is some shade of dark blonde, but i won't know which until it finally grows out.

27. i have a bump on the end of my nose from smashing into a hopechest when i was three.

28. i burn much easier than i tan.

29. i'm horrible at directions. i always get lost.

30. fall is my favorite month.

31. i hate summer -- it's too hot.

32. my hands and feet are always cold.

33. i crack my back and neck all the time, much to other people's displeasure.

34. i stay friends with ex-boyfriends.

35. i need more than 8 hours of sleep a night.

36. i also love to nap.

37. i'm a horrible, horrible singer. always off-key.

38. i was very straight edge in high school - no sex, drugs, or alcohol.

39. but i was into the rock n' roll -- i went to a LOT of concerts.

40. everclear was my favorite band. it was an obsession.

41. i went to 9 of their concerts, met the band 6 times, danced on stage twice, and sung with art once.

42. my obsession has waned. they got too mainstream and poppy for me.

43. i like to have as many friends as possible. i never cut ties, i always reconnnect, and i always work hard to make friendships work.

44. i failed three times.

45. two have come back to me, and the other i'm happy to let go.

46. i say my favorite color is green, and i think it is, but my clothes and surroundings would suggest it's really blue.

47. i'm obessesed with taking pictures. and framing them. and scrapbooking them. and scanning them for my site. and showing them to people.

48. i have a phobia of people throwing up. when someone starts heaving, i start trembling inside. i can't explain it.

49. my index finger and pinky finger are longer on my right hand than on the left. the others are the same size.

50. i'm an optimist.

51. i'm right handed, try as i might with my left.

52. i have big feet.

53. i wish i were shorter.

54. i've taken up yoga.

55. i love brussel sprouts.

56. i was 17 when my parents got divorced. they were married for 23 years.

57. i'm horrible at geography. i can't even name all the states.

58. i really want to be able to raise one eyebrow at a time, but i can't.

59. i've lost 73 pounds from my highest weight... and counting.

60. i type at 52 WPM.

61. i make lots of spelling mistakes that make that number lower.

62. i'm a sucker for a back massage.

63. i suck at giving them.

64. i try anyways, to at least return the favor.

65. i claimed bankruptcy in 2004, but i still have about $15k in student loan debts.

66. i eat a lot of carrots.

67. i wear my hair in a ponytail 75% of the time.

68. i lost my virginity at age 19.

69. i've only slept with 2 people ever.

70. if all goes right, that will be my final number also.

71. i love to swim.

72. i hate my hair being wet.

73. i was named after the seasonal christmas bush because i was born 2 weeks before christmas.

74. i never got to have a swimming birthday party when i was a kid, so i hated my birthday.

75. i had a final on my birthday for all my years in college, so i still kinda dislike it.

76. i am a college graduate.

77. i have a joke about this number. you can ask me about it if you want.

78. i swing dance.

79. i like to read a lot, and i'm a very fast reader. i'll finish novels in a matter of days.

80. i would love to visit australia.

81. my favorite cereal is cinnamon toast crunch.

82. i never eat it anymore -- it could ruin my diet.

83. i HATE cheese puffs.

84. my favorite veggie is broccoli. which is good because it's very good for you.

85. i love board games.

86. i also love to play cards.

87. my favorite game is clue.

88. i used to always win, but i've met my match: david beats me at clue.

89. i always lose at ANY game to my david. i love him anyways.

90. i have tendonitus in my right shoulder.

91. i tore my right ACL playing volleyball in may 2002.

92. i had surgery for the knee in aug 2004, and time will only tell whether i will need shoulder surgery as well.

93. this is my favorite number. why? i'm not sure, it just feels right. it makes me happy.

94. i prefer to drive stickshift.

95. i love to watch movies. all day. for hours on end.

96. i love those little conversation hearts that come out around valentine's day.

97. i also love cadbury eggs. mmm, seasonal candy.

98. i ran my first 10 minute mile in 2003. i hope to break 9 once my knee heals.

99. i really want a ferret.

100. i'm a pretty happy person. (and happier that this is done!!!)

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