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brooke's kittens (with pictures!)
06/28/04 ~ 8:58 p.m.

so, brooke* adopted a stray cat. unbenownst to her at first, the cat was pregnant. so it had 4 kittens, and they were 4 weeks old this weekend when i visited.

they have someone to adopt 2 of them, but they have yet to choose which 2. the other 2 will be up for grabs. if you live in northern CA and are interested, speak up!

otherwise, everyone can just enjoy the cuteness. there are 4 different ones, and they were SO hard to catch on film because they move around a lot. here is one of each of them, the best as i could get:

the black one, a girl:

the one with the most white, a boy:

the one with some white, a boy:

the tabby, a girl:

then, for cuteness, the mother cat nursing some of them:

and me with a few of them:

they are so, so, so cute! why can't they just stay this little and precious forever? not that i don't love my jasmine, i do, really, but kittens are SO CUTE!

ok. i'm done.

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