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06/29/04 ~ 9:21 p.m.

i didn't update today because i wanted you all to enjoy the kitten cuteness for as long as possible. plus i wanted the next update to include pictures from the boat this weekend, but alas, i am lazy and did not go through them. i watched 2 law and order reruns instead. that show is darn good. w00t.

but i was not lazy yesterday and re-did my cast page. i even split it into two cast pages, the second one being for people who aren't mentioned as often anymore. hopefully this will make the current cast page less daunting. there are still a bunch of people on it. ah well, guess i'm just popular. ;P

oh, and i updated some of the pictures and descriptions, too. so you should go and see if what i said about you is still true! hahahaha.

alright. david and i are still tired from the weekend adventures. to bed with us!

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